Vontel.ca’s Privacy Policy

This privacy policy relates to: http://vontel.ca. By using this website, you agree to our collection and use of any information you provide according to the terms outlined herein.

Protection of Your Privacy

Vontel.ca takes every possible measure to ensure the protection of your privacy. The privacy policy outlined herein is designed to inform you of the information we collect, how we use it and what your options are in regards to our collection and use of such information.

Collection of Information

Vontel.ca collects information about its website users on a regular basis for a number of purposes. Information is collected from you when you visit and/or interact with our website, when you register an account or when you purchase and/or use our products and services. Such information may include website visitor statistics and demographics as well as personal identity information including your name, address, telephone number, email and credit card.

Use of Information

Vontel.ca uses the information it collects from its web users for a variety of purposes. Web traffic statistics, demographics, analytical data and information collected from web-generated cookies is used to enhance our website on a continual basis, to improve our marketing efforts, to monitor web traffic, and to manage and protect our online networks.

Personal identity information is used by Vontel.ca to maintain accurate customer and client records in our database, to repair and improve our products and services, to better determine appropriate promotions and special offers that coincide with your needs and interests, to monitor and evaluate our customer service and support departments, and to set up and establish your communications account.

Sharing of Information

All information collected from web users is held in the strictest confidence and is not sold nor given to any third party organizations. Vontel.ca reserves the right to share information acquired by web users with any of its subsidiary or partnering companies governed under parent company, LKM Establishment. Such information may be shared in order to improve service, to expand product and service offerings, and to better serve Vontel.ca web users and clients.

Opting Out

As a web user andor client of Vontel.ca you have the authority and ability to limit and control the use and sharing of your personal information. You may opt-out of specific customer information sharing; telemarketing lists; marketing emails, phone calls and at-home or at-business in-person visits; wireless location identification services; and information collection for the purposes of generating Vontel.ca marketing and/or business related reports.

Security of Information

Vontel.ca has online, physical, technical and administrative blocks and safeguards in place to protect against leakage, unauthorized access or wrongful disclosure of the information we collect and maintain in our records.

Access to Information

At any time, you have the ability to log in to your account online or contact Vontel.ca directly via phone or email to view and/or edit the personal information we have on file.

Vontel.ca reserves the right to change and update this privacy policy. All changes and updates will be posted live on our website on this web page. If changes are made to our privacy policy after you provided us with personal information and we have elected to use or disclose that information in ways different from those outlined in our privacy policy at the time you provided it, we will contact you to make a choice whether or not you wish to allow such use or disclosure of your information.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us.